Where the Stars Buy Guitars

Here’s just a few of our celebrated customers…

Eric Clapton
Jimmy Page
Paul McCartney
Mick Jagger
Keith Richards
George Harrison
Jackson Brown
Stevie Ray Vaughn
Brian Setzer
Bob Dylan
Hall & Oats
The Who
Joe Walsh
The Bangles
Steve Vai
Bon Jovi
Roy Orbison
Allman Brothers
The Pretenders
The Knack
The Babies
The Motels
Counting Crows
The Heartbreakers
Smashing Pumpkins
Stone Temple Pilots
Red Hot Chile Peppers
Rod Stewart
Kurt Cobain
Robbie Robertson
Duran Duran
Richard Gere
Men at Work
Maroon Five
Counting Crows
Kiefer Sutherland
Sheryl Crowe
Talking Heads
Daniel Lanois
Russel Crow
Eddie Money
The Go Go’s
Jimmy Rip