The Difference Between a Used and Vintage Guitar

guitar-687631__180 Discerning Between Used and Vintage Many individuals often interchange the words “used” and “vintage” when talking about older guitars. This is troublesome because there is a difference between the two. We are here to clear up the confusion. A used guitar is any guitar that is not new. It is a more general term that retailers used for their stock that was previously owned. Used guitars tend to be newer, their age ranging from 1980’s to recently.While modern guitars are great in their own right, they lack the appeal of vintage guitars. Vintage guitars are a select group that dates from WWII to the 1980s. They are popular for musicians to collect and play. What makes them so special? Vintage guitars are known for having a better tone due to the construction and high-quality materials. Depending on their condition and brand, they tend to hold their value as they age. Vintage Guitar Store in Los Angeles If you are interested in purchasing vintage guitars, please schedule an appointment with us Voltage Guitar by calling 323.793.2721.