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The Difference Between a Used and Vintage Guitar

Discerning Between Used and Vintage Many individuals often interchange the words “used” and “vintage” when talking about older guitars. This is troublesome because there is a difference between the two. We are here to clear up the confusion. A used guitar is any guitar that is not new. It is a more general term that retailers used for their stock that was previously owned. Used guitars tend to be newer, their age ranging from 1980’s to recently.While modern guitars are great in their own right, they lack the appeal of vintage guitars. Vintage guitars are a select group that dates
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1941 Martin 000-18

1941 Pre War Martin 000-18, Ex, Natural, all orig., this is an amazing example that has never had a crack, fret job, neck reset or repair. This was Martins largest 0 size guitar with an Adirondack spruce top, tortious shell guard and binding, mahogany sides and back, open back grovers, crack free, beautiful even well balanced tone, ex. player, this amazing example is issue free other then the slightly darker area of original finish that happened to be under a protecting body sleeve as seen on many country and rock stars of the 50s and 60s, ex. Elvis Presley, Ricky
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’39 MARTIN 000 18 … a new acquisition @VOLTAGE

How often do we find a 77 year old guitar that has never had a crack or repair. Never would be the appropriate answer however Voltage has managed to acquire one such miracle. This 1939 one owner Martin 000 18 has stood the hands of time never receiving a refret, neck reset or crack repair, you will not find a more structurally sound pre war acoustic whether it be a Martin, Gibson, Epiphone, Gretsch or any other name brand american guitar. This guitar plays well and the tone is pure, even and well balanced as only a Martin with an
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